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As it recedes, a child appears. Some of these details will be familiar to readers of the New Testament: the town of Bethlehem, for example, and the angelic announcement to Mary — the Annunciation — that she will become pregnant. And what about the story of how Mary met Joseph? The Proto-gospel of James adds to and changes elements of the earlier accounts of Matthew and Luke. And then there are details that some Christians know from their religion that other Christians do not.

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Most Orthodox and Roman Catholics , for example, know the names of Anna and Joachim , the parents of Mary, even though they do not include the Proto-gospel of James in their Bibles. Most Protestant Christians, by contrast, will be unfamiliar with these figures.

Star of Bethlehem - Wikipedia

In fact, the Proto-gospel of James is just one example of a wide range of gospels and other early Christian writings that are not included in the Christian Bible. Written at different times in different places, these accounts reflect the early Christian fascination with the household of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Both pass the test.

Mostly, it is a story about two people being swept up in events that they do not understand.

The gospel narratives

Together, Mary and Joseph risk everything despite not knowing what it all means. Amid the chaos, they learn to lean on each other.

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While Mary and Joseph do not, according to the Proto-gospel of James, have a physical relationship, they do love one another. UEA Inaugural lecture: The evolution of international treaties for the protection of foreign investment — Norwich, Norfolk. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. The holy family. CC BY. Frilingos , Michigan State University. Author Christopher A. Former Alabama Chief Justice and U.

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Senate candidate Roy Moore. Listen up, Jim Ziegler. The gospel narratives The Christian Bible includes four gospels, or narratives, of the life of Jesus. The Proto-gospel of James The earliest source to mention ages is another ancient Christian gospel: the Proto-gospel of James. Jesus has arrived. Familiar and unfamiliar New Testament. All the patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob etc.

King David was a shepherd, and was not originally even considered a candidate as king. Jesus was the "good shepherd" Jn ff. The office of overseers of the local churches 1 Tim 3; Tit 1 uses two other interchangeable words to describe the single office: Elders and Shepherds. Acts ,28; 1 Peter Jesus was circumcised when He was eight days old Luke Jesus was then presented in the temple 33 days later after the "days of purification" were competed, which is the 40th day after Jesus was born. This lends support to the idea that Jesus would stay in the same family home that Jesus was born in until the 33 rd day.

Given all the attention surrounding the birth, those living in the house would be very pleased to accommodate Joseph, Mary and Jesus. Contrary to popular myth, the "star of Bethlehem" is merely referred to as "his star" which the Magi saw. The star hovered over the same house where Jesus was born. See Matthew Matthew ,7,9 says "Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, magi from the east arrived in Jerusalem, saying, "Where is He who has been born King of the Jews?

For we saw His star in the east, and have come to worship Him. Then Herod secretly called the magi, and ascertained from them the time the star appeared The Magi first saw the star at the time of Christ's Birth, then they saw the star long after Jesus was born and arrived at the house of Jesus, probably when Jesus was about months old. There is no evidence that the Magi were led to Jesus by a bright low hovering star.

Such a star would have been quite noticeable by many people. The fact that Herod had to ask the Magi when the star first appeared, proves that the star was not out of the ordinary to the untrained eye. Only the Magi, who studied the stars, would notice it. Hence the idea of a very bright low hovering star shining over the stable where Jesus is born is unlikely. On the other hand, the star the Magi were attracted by, has no acceptable natural celestial explanation and it is clearly a special miracle to attract the Magi. This is probably the same house he was born in, but now the census was over he was living on the second floor.

The angel warns Joseph to flee to Egypt because of the impending slaughter of all the male children under the age of two Matthew Joseph flees to Egypt:. The Magi provide a large sum of money in gold that is essential for a move to Egypt. The Magi take a different route home which infuriates Herod who slaughters the children aged 2 and under. King Herod kills all the male children out of fear that Jesus would supplant him as king Matthew Herod was ruthless and the fact his cut off age was two proves Jesus was no older than one year old more likely months when Joseph fled to Egypt.

Rachel weeps for her children from Ramah:. Herod kills all the children in about a 17 radius circle from Jerusalem that reaches Bethlehem at the south and Ramah at the North.

Just as Rachel wept for the exiled Jerusalemites in BC when they passed her tomb to the staging ground at Ramah while on route to Babylon, so too Rachel wept for Jesus when he was exiled to Egypt. Lunar eclipse marking the slaughter of the children: 10 January 1 BC.


Herod died shortly after the total lunar eclipse of Jan 10, 1 BC. The approximate birth of Christ can be determined 2 BC based upon the total lunar eclipse on 10 January 1 BC in conjunction with what Josephus said in Antiquities And that very night there was an eclipse of the moon. This Eclipse would mark the slaughter of the children by Herod in addition to Matthias of the house of the High Priest.

In 33 AD these same Magi would notice another eclipse where the second attempt to murder the Messiah was successful on the cross. Here is the actual lunar eclipse chart from NASA:. Jesus grows up in Nazareth. There was another eclipse the night Jesus was crucified on 3 April 33 AD. At exactly PM Nisan 14 the sun set in Jerusalem and at exactly the same time the moon rose in eclipse. The lunar eclipse of 3 April 33 A.

The Magi would notice this eclipse marking the death of Christ and connect it with the eclipse in 10 Jan 1 BC that failed to kill Christ and marked the slaughter of the babies. The same Magi who were attracted by the star at the time of the birth of Jesus would remember the lunar eclipse of 10 Jan 1 BC, 33 years earlier.

It would be stunning double marker where the first eclipse marked the failed attempt by Herod but the second eclipse marked the actual death of the King they gave gold frankincense and myrrh 33 to Jesus when we was born. Here is the actual Nasa chart of the lunar eclipse the night Jesus was crucified:. A careful examination of the timeline of when Herod the great began to reign. Using 4 BC for the death of Herod actually creates a 3 year discrepancy in his chronology. Rodger Young solves this three year discrepancy by dating the death of Herod to 1 BC.

According to Josephus, Herod reigned 37 years counting from his appointment by the Mark Antony and the Roman Senate, or 34 years counting from his conquest of Jerusalem. Josephus dates the first of these events in two ways: by the Roman consular date and by the Greek th Olympiad.

However, Appian's history Civil Wars 5. Seeking to resolve these contradictory statements, we read that Josephus says elsewhere that the government of the Hashmoneans, which started in BC, lasted years until Antigonus was defeated by Herod in the conquest of Jerusalem. He started minting in the second year of his sole reign after Herod died.

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  • In a strange co-incidence, the two errors have the effect of not changing the traditional dates for the END of their 3 reigns. The 29 days between the partial lunar eclipse in 4 BC and Passover that year was insufficient time to accommodate all the events that Josephus describes related to the death of Herod, but there was sufficient time for them 89 days between the full lunar eclipse of 10 January 1 BC and the Passover that year. At the time he killed one man from each of the leading families in Israel echoing the 10 th plague where the firstborn of every family died at the time of the Exodus.

    It could also serve as a marker for the execution of the leading men once Herod died. Josephus is shockingly silent on the central story of the slaughter of the children when Herod had been tricked by the Magi. The Magi likely returned to Assyria by taking the route south of the salt sea at Wadi Zered, possibly passing through Petra Kadesh Barnea.