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Guarded by a straight line of reefs just offshore, the beaches make sweeping curves on the shore to form protected "lagoons. This gorgeous setting invites sunbathing, beachcombing, secluded picnics, snorkeling or sea kayaking. Sea Kayaking. Experience these ocean lagoons up close and personal!

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Sea kayak the north beach coast inside the reef the current is from east to west on a suitable day. Sand Hugging Succulents. Exquisitely formed, these low spreading succulents save moisture with their thin fleshy leaves as well as tiny blossoms and fruits. F lora and Fauna. Touring Continuing past the turnoff, you will find this to be a very scenic route, and very smooth and a delight to drive, winding between the beaches and the salt ponds.

The old road the vegetation tends to scratch vehicles to Cow Wreck Bay is the next left at a large seagrape tree.

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Bones Bight has a new nature trail watch for a large loblolly tree on right where it's occasionally possible to see the Anegada rock iguana. Anegada is home for the highly endangered Anegada rock iguana. Growing to six feet long, this harmless and very rare iguana can be found at Bones Bight , which has a new nature trail. This iguana uses the crater-like coral rock with its holes to make a home.

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Endangered by feral cats who prey on the iguana young, a program of neutering the cats has begun. The loblolly tree often has a large base of white horizontal trunk roots as it "looks" for break in the rock to the soil. The wild sage with its light blue flower in bloom most of the year makes a delightful aromatic for the car when crushed. Wild cattle in this area sometimes graze minature "pastures," or grassy mounds. Sea Turtles.

A traditional food, sea turtles were communally shared in a festival-like atmosphere in the past. One way turtles were caught was by leaping on them from skiffs. T he conservation ethic is almost universally practiced today as to the endangered sea turtles. And Anegada, with its magnificent beach ecology, exports turtle hatchlings into the sea for the benefit of the world.

Ocean-side Anegada has the most important BVI nesting beaches for green sea turtle see swimming turtle. Anegada's west end beaches and related sea grass communities from Pomato Point to Cow Wreck Bay are important as well to the hawksbill turtle. T raditional practices , when restored in a ritual form in return for these preservation efforts, demonstrate and help preserve the roots of this unique culture and its natural wonders alike. A negadan "Outback.

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If you drive out on the mudflats when wet, be careful braking or you will be sliding sideways suddenly. The true route bends left and right and enters the Anegada "Outback" area with a now very bumpy road only a mile or so. This takes you to the main road by the airport, where you take a left to Loblolly Bay. The first sign is the mud puddles--not brown, but chalky white.

It's a coral island, and the underlying "rock" is coral. Hard as rock, though, as the bumpy roads will attest. Especially toward the east end. The vegetation differs also. In the wild, the frangipani tree, identified by its characteristic "wild" branch scuptures as seen above in the left back , always has a white flower, while its cultivated cousins have flowers of more colors. Also, look for termite mounds in the trees. The "Air Plant" The above "air plant" or bromeliad is in a wildly shaped gumbo limbo or turpentine tree called the "tourist tree" because it is "red and peeling".

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Found in trees in Anegada's eastern, rocky biome with other plants characteristic of this area such as cactus and the loblolly tree. In the western, sandy areas are found flora such as wild orchids and whistling pines, originally imported. Also, despite its low profile, Anegada has natural springs. L oblolly Bay. Touring Loblolly Bay is reached by turning right out of the Anegada "Harbour" or out of the airport.

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Go straight to the Big Bamboo. Mac's Campground and Flash of Beauty restaurant call first have turnoffs to the right. All are on Loblolly Bay. Loblolly Bay is a great location for beachcombing, especially shell collecting. And check out the bay lavender which is of its namesake color and feathery to the touch. At the Big Bamboo, put your order in with Diane before you go snorkeling.

Also, try out the hammocks under the shade of the seagrapes after you've eaten. Head back out to take another side trip to The Settlement. B y its famous line of white surf , Loblolly Bay visibly demarcates a coral island meeting the vast Atlantic , its reef making an oceanside lagoon before the "surf" gently laps the beach. Framed by canopies of fine seagrape trees , the shore slowly sweeps along its sandy crescent , covered with a variety of low succulent plantlife, especially patches of the beautiful bay lavender. Superb and unique snorkeling is accessible right off this beautiful white sand beach, inside of the brilliant white foaming breakers on the reef's outer edge.

Go out to the left of the Big Bamboo to the dark reef area in the middle of the lagoon to find three small caves and a wreck. S kimming over the shallows , the reef structure below is visible with magnificent stands of huge branching elkhorn coral and big brain and other boulder coral. Angel fish, yellow tail snappers, and blue tang feeding en masse are found with horse-eye jacks and groupers inhabiting the mazes below. Stoplight parrotfish audibly crunch coral and extrude sand.

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Mackerel, tarpon and nurse sharks roam the reef. The darker indigo blue indicates the deeper holes of this ocean reef environment. Scuba dives are possible right off the beach into the maze of tunnels, drops and caves. The water generally comes in over the top of the reef, but some caution is advised when a severe north swell is up, since some rip-like currents are possible remember, swim parallel to the shore until you're out of a rip current, rather than directly against it.

T he Big Bamboo. Loblolly Bay is also the location of the Big Bamboo restaurant with a large, colorful open air dining pavilion and bar in the "crop" of the seagrapes on the beach. Deservedly famous for its excellent lobster served with rice, potato and vegetables. Here also is conch and a wide variety of local fresh fish, such as snapper, kingfish, triggerfish, and grouper. Kick back under a sunshade and try its famous Rum Teaser photo: jerzeegurl. F lash of Beauty. Nearby Flash of Beauty beach features great snorkeling as well and has a beach bar by the same name.

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Generally open for lunch only. D eep Sea Fishing.