Manual Embracing Eros: Sexual Healing in the 21st Century

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  1. Smashwords – About Margaret L. Wade, author of 'Embracing Eros: Sexual Healing in the 21st Century'
  2. An International Journal for Research, Intervention and Care
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  4. Embracing the Erotic: The Church’s Unfinished Sexual Revolution

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Smashwords – About Margaret L. Wade, author of 'Embracing Eros: Sexual Healing in the 21st Century'

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Most human beings have not fully understood the significance and benefits of this divine force in the physical and spiritual fields of life. When properly harnessed, the sexual energy assists the soul in its process of development and re-union with "The Self". The word Self, refers to the spiritual, unified state of wholeness that lies at the very core of ourselves and the universe.

Sexual energy is the manifested creative expression of the divine source; Love. Within us we all hold the potential to remember and reconnect with this universal truth. Topics of discussion: - Sacred Sexuality; The driving force behind the spiritual and psychological process of development of the soul. Her writing beautifully performs the passion it so lucidly describes. Elisabeth Gerle returns to the fundamentals of Christian faith: God mysteriously, yet really, present in body, and human beings' sensory experience of God in grief and delight.

In this aesthetically and intellectually stimulating treatment, immersed in apt global discourse across disciplines, Martin Luther emerges as an ally for a holistic spirituality with political consequences. A unique book, written with passion. Gerle recovers Luther's truly original theological genius in bringing to the fore the implications of the Reformer's view of God in the passions of the flesh.

This work liberates love, body, and sensuality from a discipline that for too many a century entrapped theological dogmas, perverting into sins of the flesh the loving sensuous fervors of the body. With the help of Luther's theological incarnational turn, eroticism receives its proper place in theological language. This book fills a long-standing lacuna. Intentionally breaking the rules of patriarchal texts, her non-linear writing is designed to entice and evoke.

An International Journal for Research, Intervention and Care

Gerle's deep, broad research propose fresh resources for understanding grace-filled, embodied desire at the heart of theology. Passion draws us to one another and to God, healing and calling us to live more deeply into the world. Contributors - Elisabeth Gerle.

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Her recent books deal with religion and politics, Luther, politics, and the erotic. Everything else is defilement.

Second, there was a conspiracy of silence as to how sexuality enters into human growth. One consequence has been the appalling failure of both church and home in sexual education. The unspoken assumption has been that sexuality has all problems solved within the bonds of marriage, and that nothing can or need be understood about it except in the rules for marriage. The consequences of this combination of repression and ignorance are too well known to need recounting here. Walter Lippmann has suggested that the church was serving itself in providing narrow channels for sexual expression.

It dammed up the emotional energies to bring them into the service of the institution. We see where a Christian theology of sex needs to begin. The question is the meaning of sexuality in human existence. We need a sexual ethic, but its valid principles can only be derived as we understand what we are dealing with.

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The deficiency in Christian teaching in the area of sex is analogous to the theological reaction to the development of scientific knowledge. The Church never opposed science. Its doctrine of creation and faith in the dependability of God contributed to the rise of modern science, as Whitehead has persuasively shown. The relation between Christian faith and the scientific way of understanding nature involves many complex and unresolved issues, but the plain fact is that scientific understanding had to grow largely under secular auspices, with too little encouragement and understanding from the religious tradition.

Our need for understanding sexuality is in a somewhat similar case. Of course knowledge of sexuality requires more than scientific understanding, though it has its scientific and technological side. The modern exploration of sexuality has required anthropological, biological, psychological and literary investigation. The knowledge explosion and new freedom of communication have had profound effect.

Lawrence can stand as the pioneer representative of those who have used the literary art to explore human emotion and to protest and prophesy against the repression and devaluation of the sexual life. Now the world of art, literature, motion pictures, is in a volcano-like eruption of sexual expression, exploitation, adventure, perversion, criticism and reflection. We need not claim that some great new revelation has come out of alt this.

The critical matter for those who want to take a responsible position is how to participate in this new discussion of sexuality. Is this one realm where God is at work to reveal the meaning of love?

Can we understand the spirit and forms of agape more deeply through insight into the sexual eros? These are decisive theological questions. If Christianity is to show the relevance of its doctrine of love to contemporary man it must make clear that in sex as in science the Christian view of the world is not confined to first century concepts. Christian anthropology can incorporate new experience and new knowledge. I have sometimes thought that if religious and moral teachers would only admit that sex is interesting, that it challenges to new discovery and is replete with unanswered questions, the confession would create a new climate for this critically important discussion.

What is required is not fearful retreat into dogmatism, or instant acceptance of every new idea about sexuality; but an informed theological reconsideration of the nature of man, including the function of sexuality. Here I suggest only an outline of where I believe such a theological investigation would lead. I offer five assertions about the place of sexuality in human life. These are all, I believe, implicit in the biblical view of man, but they need to be made explicit.

It is not enough to treat sex as a mystery, which it is, or as something about which everyone knows, which in a sense it is. We need to achieve a more adequate view of the sexual experience in personal life. We can appeal only to our common understanding and intuitive judgment. This is neither science nor dogma, but a phenomenology of the sexual life. Whatever its validity or limitations, it represents the type of analysis which the theological tradition has for the most part avoided.

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The discovery that this is so belongs in its empirically documented form to fairly recent times. In all human growth, in the relation of infants and parents, in the developing life of the child, and the search for identity with its special crisis in adolescence, in maturity and senescence, sexuality is in the core of the personality.

Embracing the Erotic: The Church’s Unfinished Sexual Revolution

Its energies, psychic qualities, disturbances, and affective tone may modify, alter, enrich, or debase everything in experience. This is not a doctrine of pan-sexuality as the secret of all human behaviour. We can recognize the omnipresence of sex without asserting its omnipotence. This view does not commit us to any one theory of infantile sexuality such as the Freudian.

What we do know from clinical experience is that personal interrelationships with their sexual dynamics reflect the whole life history. One special consequence of sexuality concerns the differences in the experience of men and women. Those differences are enormously complicated by cultural conditioning, and every aspect of the matter is being discussed at the present time.

But masculinity and femininity as primordially given, and later conditioned, by cultural, social and economic relationships are fundamental determinants in every life.