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My Search for the 'Male Shiksa' – The Forward

It's Tracy's cheeky take on seizing the moment at its best. Roll over Tracy's picture to learn more.

From Hollywood to the Hub. What you have to do is: Move to LA Work as a Hollywood movie publicist Meet gaggles of world-famous celebrities Get engaged to an actor Realize you really love your high school boyfriend Now, what's so complicated about that? She's got a formula for that, too: Marry your high school boyfriend Decide that you want to be an author Work at an advertising agency during the day Write like a fiend at night Gotta hand it to Tracy -- she doesn't mess around!

We feature profiles, video and various other facts about these incredible Bostonians. All of our content is editorially-based. Although we do have advertisers, our content is not derived from these sources. All rights reserved. Pack Your Trunk Talk about the elephant in the room! From Hollywood to the Hub Keywords: Literature Don't believe what they say about love: You never have to say you're sorry… follow your heart.

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Favorite Movie Quotes. One of the best lines, for sure!